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A popular marketplace like has many of buyers and sellers - so how can you make your ad stand out?

Top Ad Promote!

Top Ad

At the top of every ad listing page, there are up to 2 spots reserved for Top Ads. By adding a Top Ad promotion to your ad, you earn the chance for your ad to be displayed in one of these Top Ad spots - which can get you up to 10 times or more views!

Daily Bump Promote!

Daily Bump

The Daily Bump Up promotion moves your ad to the top of the regular ad listings once a day for up to 15 days. It has the same effect as reposting your ad every day - but it's automatic and attracts 5 times or more views!

Facebook Promoting!

Facebook Promote

Facebook promotion moves your ad to Officeal Facebook page And promote it on facebook page. its Reach More People around facebook user.

Sponsored Post!

Sponsored Post

Show your post on varabazar ad area . its appear your post into varabaza's ad section like sidebar and top ad section.

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Memberships include bonus Top Ad and Bump Up promotions, and are loaded with extra features to give your business a bigger presence on